Barre Star Stories: Puja Goyal

Barre Star Stories: Puja Goyal


Puja Goya has completed the 500 Class Milestone with us at Physique 57! Now this calls for a celebration with a guilt-free treat. A member since December, 2018, Goyal has been pushing the barre ever since!

On completing her 500th class she says, “There is no greater feeling than the barre burn! I never thought I’d achieve a fitness related milestone – thank you Physique 57 India for being so encouraging, rewarding and for literally being my backbone through it all.” Goyal shares, “The biggest accomplishment for me is that I never get bored of barre – a toned body is merely a bonus. It’s almost second nature to me and is an integral part of my daily routine.” And that’s one of the best compliments we’ve received.

Speaking in-depth about her experience at Physique 57, Goyal explains, “500 classes, to simply put, have been transformative in both body and mind. I didn’t know I was headed towards such a goliath milestone. All I wanted to do was stick to my workout regime and get stronger – one day at a time. What truly kept me going is the mega endorphin rush I experience during and post class (seeing abdominal definition has equally helped). I love a good challenge and am always eager to push my limits – barre does just that for me. It feels really good when a workout works wonders and believe me when I say that barre’s ‘afterburn effect’ is real (and is a huge perk).”

If the barre has taught her anything, it’s how to listen to your body and give it the care it needs. Goyal says, “The biggest lesson I have learned is to listen to my body, every day is different. There are days when a Sculpt Level Class accomplishes just as much as an Amped Up! The most important lesson I’ve learned is to focus on form, it’s all in the technique. Barre has helped me to develop a mind-body connection. Consistency is KEY to unhindered progress; you can only get better at something by doing it over and over again.”

The bottom line for Goyal is that Physique 57 India has built a strong sense of community that keeps one motivated, so keep your goal-oriented buddies close!

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