Scrambled Eggs With Fresh Veggies

Scrambled Eggs With Fresh Veggies


A great option for a WFH lunch or snack!

The best part about scrambled eggs is that it’s a wholesome meal for any time of the day – breakfast, lunch, dinner or an in-between pick-me-up!

This veggie egg recipe is a balanced meal of a variety of vitamins, nutrients and minerals. Eating eggs along with vegetables helps the body to better absorb the fat-soluble nutrients like vitamin E and lutein. And it’s a fun way to get in your daily fix of veggies, especially one’s that you aren’t too fond of.


2 tbsp olive oil or avocado oil

6 eggs

6-8 bacon slices, chopped

1 medium red onion

4 spring onions

2 large, ripe tomatoes

6-7 asparagus spears

2 carrots 1/2 a head of broccoli

Handful of green beans

5 mushrooms

Parmesan cheese, grated (optional)

Coriander, chopped


Prepare all your vegetables by cutting them into long slices of 1 inch pieces. Beat your eggs and keep them aside.

In a pan, fry chopped bacon until golden brown. Add olive oil and the sliced onions. Cook for a few minutes then add the finely chopped ripe tomatoes.

Cook for a couple of more minutes and add salt and pepper to taste. Add the grated parmesan cheese.

Next add the carrots and beans as they take longer to cook. Then add the broccoli, asparagus and mushrooms. Cook them until they are slightly soft but still have a bite to them.

Lastly, add the beaten eggs. Stir for a few minutes until it’s scrambled, but not too dry. Serve with chopped coriander.