Becky, Westchester, NY



I’ve always been physically active and fit; my background is in martial arts and gymnastics. I first tried barre over a decade ago, but Physique 57 is truly the most fun, effective method I’ve ever tried. I was hooked from my first Physique 57 class, taken at the 57th Street Studio. I knew I was addicted when a friend got me Tanya Becker’s Physique 57 book as a gift.


Because I can’t make it into NYC on a regular basis, I’ve become a big fan of Physique 57 On Demand. I work out 5 – 6 a week in some form or another; either a short, focused video or a LIVE class. The LIVE classes have been an absolute game changer! They provide the expertise, coaching, and barre class group fitness feel that I love from a Studio class. On Demand has also allowed me to continue working out all summer long when I’m away for 6-7 weeks in the Middle East and Europe.


Since starting Physique 57, I have seen a marked increase in muscle endurance, strength, and definition, particularly in my abdominal muscles. Physique also helps me maintain my flexibility and keep my weight in check.

I love love love the On Demand online community! The community is friendly, supportive, encouraging, inspiring — everything a Physique 57 class embodies. And the Physique 57 instructors continue to inspire me every time I press play!