Success Story- Racquel



Racquel, 29, Lansdowne, PA

Starting Weight: 180 lbs

Current Weight: 170 lbs

Weight Loss: 10 lbs


Several years ago I was watching Regis & Kelly and saw Kelly discuss her weight loss journey after beginning Physique 57 Barre classes. Immediately intrigued, I ordered a set of the Physique 57 DVD and became quickly addicted.  After using the DVD’s so much that they got scratched up and wouldn’t play properly, I made the switch to On-Demand.

As the mother of three young boys, Physique 57 has been my go-to workout after giving birth. I had my youngest three months ago and began Physique 57 On-Demand one month after delivery. Before starting back up with Physique 57, I weighed 180lbs post-partum. After two months of Physique 57 On-Demand, I’m at 170lbs. While I haven’t lost a ton of weight, I’ve toned immensely. I am now a few inches away from being the size I was pre-baby. Physique 57 works!

Usually, after giving birth, you don’t recognize your body for a while. I really didn’t experience that after my most recent pregnancy, and it’s all because of the l the results I’ve gotten from Physique 57!

I have a five year old, three year old and three month old, so I usually do Physique 57 On-Demand twice a day; once early in the morning before anyone wakes up and then again before dinner time. I love Physique 57 On-Demand because I can do a different workout every day. Variety is important to me, and because I come from a dance and running background, I love a challenging workout!

Doing Physique57 post-natally has been rewarding. Aside from weight loss, I’ve benefited in the areas of total body toning, core & upper body strength, and an increase in confidence. I look better and feel stronger!

My before and after photos make me proud that giving up was never an option for me.