Semi-Annual Member

Gauri Devidayal

“In all honesty, it took me an entire year to work up the courage to use the trial class that I bought when Physique 57 first opened…I’ve been kicking myself ever since for not starting sooner! I started feeling a difference in my body within 3 classes. I’m literally addicted to the workout so much that I actually checked if they have a studio in London so I don’t miss my routine when I go on vacation later this month. The teachers are amazing, the studio is absolutely lovely, and the workout is the best I’ve ever done.”

Physiquer & Zoom User

Alyssa Chesson

As an avid Physiquer, I was quite anxious when the lockdown was announced, but sure enough the team at Physique 57 came up with a way to continue teaching classes virtually via zoom. I’ve been taking at least one class a day & it’s great to catch up with fellow Physiquers & get my workout in. It’s the highlight of my day and keeps me feeling great!

NCU Member

 Samir Chhabria

“As a squash player, I went to the gym regularly which resulted in slowing down my game and overall stiffness. When I was introduced to Physique 57 I was convinced I was going to make a fool out of myself. I pushed my self to go 4 times a week and ever since I’ve seen an improvement in my confidence, core strength, and flexibility. This has not only helped me in squash but also in my daily lifestyle. Thank you Physique 57 for a life-changing experience!”

First Time Zoom User

Suman Jha

I was a bit skeptical about my first Zoom class with Physique 57. I didn’t know if it was going to be effective enough considering it was a home workout session. But it definitely went beyond my expectation! It was super fun and energetic and I felt as though the instructor was right next to me in person! Saniya kept the energy high and kept motivating us all, which is just what we needed with everything going around. I never imagined feeling this kind of burn via a home workout class! I have finally found my workout fix at home with Physique 57’s Zoom classes!

Physiquer & Zoom User

Akshay Murarka

Having done plenty of classes at the studio, I must commend how Physique 57 has adapted to the current situation and delivers a workout online, that’s as effective with minimum equipment & space-friendly even! The instructors leave no stone unturned to get a high-intensity workout, always pushing you to your limits, with a big smile on their face. As we’re all homebound, physical movements are restricted and they use this hour effectively to help your muscles engage in a holistic way. It strengthens your core, builds stamina along with cardio-burn and you’re left super energized post-class!

Physiquer & Zoom User

Natasha Mehta

I cannot recommend Physique 57 enough for all the soon-to-be-mothers. All the trainers are highly knowledgeable and they offer modifications as well as advice on what I can or cannot do – I love the individual attention that I get. Having Physique 57 as part of my weekly routine has been perfect for keeping me active through my pregnancy and it’s also a great mood booster!


Shuchi Pandya

I’ve been a Physiquer for about a year now and it was a very natural transition for me to continue doing my workout at Physique 57 when I got pregnant. Being a Physiquer, I always knew that the method was safe and low impact, but more than anything else. I wanted something that made me feel like I was burning calories without feeling tired. I love the instructors here and each one has gone out of their way to modify exercises in a way that works for me and made me feel comfortable. The best part? At the end of every class, I never feel like I’ve strained my body in fact I finish feeling like I’ve had a great workout! I highly recommend it to everyone!

Physiquer & Zoom User

Nitasha Bharwani

I have been dying to do the Physique 57 workout for a long time but never managed to get to the studio. You can imagine my excitement when Physique 57 brought the workout to me in my own home! The trainers are so positive and motivating, they keep you coming back for more. I went from 3 days a week to 6 days a week – it truly is the highlight of my day. I am addicted!

Physiquer & Zoom User

Jan Chakravarthy

I joined Physique 57 Mumbai in January 2020 after a long break from any physical activity. After 2 short months at the studio, I switched to the Zoom classes during the lockdown. I have done other barre workouts previously but nothing comes close to the Physique 57 method! I’m amazed at how much stronger I’ve become in such a short period of time. All credit goes to the wonderful trainers who empower you to push yourself a little harder each class. Each class has a different choreography so you never really know what comes next. I love that I am exhausted yet enlivened after each session! Whilst I’m looking forward to being at the studio eventually, I’m so grateful for the Zoom sessions and to be part of such an inspiring community,

Class Milestone: 500 classes

Puja Goyal

How does it feel to complete 500 classes?

There is no greater feeling than the barre burn! I never thought I’d achieve a fitness-related milestone – thank you Physique 57 India for being so encouraging, rewarding and for literally being my backbone through it all. The biggest accomplishment for me is that I never get bored of barre – a toned body is merely a bonus. It’s almost second nature to me and is an integral part of my daily routine. 500 classes, to simply put, have been transformative in both body and mind. I didn’t know I was headed towards such a goliath milestone. All I wanted to do was stick to my workout regime and get stronger – one day at a time. What truly kept me going is the mega endorphin rush I experience during and post-class (seeing abdominal definition has equally helped). I love a good challenge and am always eager to push my limits – barre does just that for me. It feels really good when a workout works wonders and believe me when I say that barre’s ‘afterburn effect’ is real (and is a huge perk).

The biggest lesson I have learned is to listen to my body, every day is different. There are days when a Sculpt level class accomplishes just as much as an Amped Up! The most important lesson I’ve learned is to focus on form, it’s all in the technique. Barre has helped me to develop a mind-body connection. Consistency is KEY to unhindered progress; you can only get better at something by doing it over and over again. Physique 57 India has built a strong sense of community that keeps one motivated, so keep your goal-oriented buddies close!

Member since: Late December, 2018

New Client 20 Class milestone

Farah Bhogilal

How does it feel to complete 20 classes in your journey so far?  I feel like myself again! In the beginning, I found it really hard to get through the entire class due to my injuries, but as time went by, I really started enjoying it. I can’t thank the Physique 57 team enough for pushing me into this journey. The entire team has been really supportive through every step and has made sure that I have been correctly guided. I have always been a very active person. After injuring my back in June, one slipped disc and two bulging discs, the simplest things became very difficult. I had to build up my mobility and strength from scratch, working through a lot of pain and discomfort. After 6 months of physiotherapy, I was finally allowed to take the next step, barre workouts with Physique 57. So, I would say my biggest motivation was to get myself strong enough to get back to normal life without any pain and discomfort, to be able to restart my cake baking and decorating business again, and maybe even get back to trekking. Physique 57 has not only given me my life back, but it has also made me mentally stronger and given me the confidence to persist through the pain and not give up. I can finally do things that were very painful 6 months back, like sitting on the floor, bending, squatting, and running around with my kids. It has actually made me physically stronger and given me more definition of all my muscles. I didn’t realize how much low-impact exercise changes your body. One always thinks the higher the impact the stronger you get. I am happy to say I was wrong… I have never felt such burning in my muscles before and would definitely recommend Physique 57 to all my friends, even those recovering from injuries.

Member since: Dec 2020

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